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U5 is a line on the Berlin U-Bahn.


U-Bahn Berlin - U5 - station Elsterwerdaer Platz 3

U5 train at Elsterwerdaer Platz

It runs from Alexanderplatz in Mitte eastwards through Friedrichshain, Lichtenberg and Friedrichsfelde, surfaces in Biesdorf to pass Kaulsdorf and Hellersdorf above ground and finally reaches city limits at Hönow. The U5 was the only line actively extended by the East German authorities at the time when Berlin was divided by the Wall.

U5 is also the only line in the network that connects to the other U-bahn lines at only one point (Alexanderplatz). There have long been plans to extend the line westward to Berlin Hauptbahnhof. The short section U55 running from Hauptbahnhof, via the Bundestag, to Unter den Linden (named Brandenburger Tor) opened in August 2009 and is the first stage in realizing this. Further construction to connect this segment from Unter den Linden/Brandenburger Tor to Alexanderplatz is underway.


Plans from the pre-WWI-era for a rapid transit underneath Große Frankfurter Straße, the present-day Karl-Marx-Allee were not carried out until in 1927 construction started. The constructions were planned and led by Johannes Bousset.[1] The first section, then named line E, between Alexanderplatz and Friedrichsfelde was inaugurated on December 21, 1930 (However, it is not shown on the Pharus-Plan 1930 map).

The East Berlin government didn't start the extension of the line until 1969, at first only one new station was built: Tierpark, to serve the eponymous zoo nearby. The extension opened on June 6, 1973. The last continuation to the developing areas in the boroughs of Marzahn and Hellersdorf went into service on July 1, 1988 (Elsterwerdaer Platz) and July 1, 1989 (Hönow). After the unifaction of East and West Berlin on October 3, 1990 the line was renumbered as U5, thus before the BVB (the public transportator of formerly East Berlin) and the BVG (the public transportator of formerly West Berlin) merged on January 1, 1992.


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