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The Munich Straßenbahn (Munich tramway) is busy part of the Munich Transport and Tariff Association, it (MVV). It is operated by the Munich Transport Company (MVG) and is an important part of the public transportation in Munich. On a route network of 75 kilometers to eleven lines up to 80 of the 95 trams railraod in use (as of December 2009). [1] In 2009, 94.5 million of 500 million MVG passengers transported by tram, [2] was a share of 18.9%, respectively. By night, the four lines 113 of a total of 155 stops in 24-hour service to be approached. web (as of 13 December 2009) [3] The first course was opened on 21 October 1876 as horses run on tracks in operation.

Lines Edit

Currently operate in accordance with the timetable from December 2009, the following lines:

Hours of operation Edit

approximately 4.45 clock in the morning to 1:30 in the morning clock

Line History stop drive Clock
München Tram 12 Scheidplatz U-Bahn - Hohenzollernplatz U-Bahn - Leonrodplatz - Red Square U-Bahn - Romanplatz 17 21 min 10 min, late-time 20
München Tram 15 Max-Weber-Platz U-Bahn - Rosenheimerplatz S-Bahn-Logo - Ostfriedhof - Silberhornstraße U-Bahn - Wettersteinplatz U-Bahn - Großhesseloher Bridge (gain line for München Tram 25) 16 24 min 20 min
München Tram 16 Roman Court - Donnersbergerstraße - Hacker Bridge S-Bahn-Logo - Central Station S-Bahn U-Bahn - Sendlinger gate U-Bahn (Rush Hour gain for München Tram 17 31 41 min 10 min late time 20 min
München Tram 18 Gondrellplatz - Westendstraße U-Bahn - Lautensack road - Trappentreustraße - Hauptbahnhof Süd S-Bahn-Logo U-Bahn - Karlsplatz (City Hall) S-Bahn-Logo underground - Sendlinger gate U-Bahn - Isartor S-Bahn - Max-Weber-Platz U-Bahn - Herkomerplatz - Effnerplatz 33 45 min 10 min late time 20 min
München Tram 19 Pasing Marienplatz S-Bahn-Logo - Fürstenriederstraße - Lautensack road - Trappentreustraße - Central Station S-Bahn U-Bahn - Charles Square (City Hall) S-Bahn-Logo U-Bahn - Theatinerstraße U-Bahn - Maxmonument - Maximilianeum - Max-Weber-Platz U-Bahn - East Station S-Bahn-Logo U-Bahn - Kreillerstraße U-Bahn - St.-Veit-Straße 36 52 min 10 min late time 20 min
München Tram 20 Moosach HE S-Bahn-Logo U-Bahn - West Cemetery underground - Leonrodplatz - Central Station S-Bahn-Logo U-Bahn - Charles Square (City Hall) S-Bahn-Logo U-Bahn 16 20 min 10 min late time 20 min
München Tram 21 West Cemetery U-Bahn - Leonrodplatz - Central Station S-Bahn-Logo underground - Charles Square (City Hall) S-Bahn-Logo U-Bahn (amplification of the München Tram 20) 13 15 min 10 min (HVZ additional trips)
München Tram 23 Münchener Freiheit U-Bahn - Potsdamer Straße - Parzivalplatz - Am Münchner Tor - Anni-Albers-Straße - Domagkstraße - North Schwabing 7 8 min 10 min late time 20 min
München Tram 25 Max-Weber-Platz U-Bahn - Rosenheimerplatz S-Bahn-Logo - Eastern Cemetery - Silberhornstraße U-Bahn - Wettersteinplatz U-Bahn - Großhesseloher Bridge - Green Forest, Derbolfinger place 22 32 min 10 min late time 20 min
München Tram 27 Petuelring U-Bahn - Hohenzollernplatz U-Bahn - Karolinenplatz - Karlsplatz (City Hall) S-Bahn-Logo U-Bahn - Tor Sendlinger U-Bahn - Fraunhoferstraße U-Bahn - Mariahilfplatz - Eastern Cemetery - Giesing Bahnhof S-Bahn-Logo U-Bahn - Schwanseestraße 25 34 min 7-8 and 10 min later time 20 min
Total: 230

Template:Anchor München Tram 12
Line 12 starts the difference Square, where connection to the U-Bahn is U2 and U3. By the close congested Belgradstraße it reaches the elector place where interchange is to line 27. With this leads them together to the Hohenzollern place where to change trains again to U2. Until Nordbad it now follows the Hohenzollern road, where it looks for the separation of the tram 27 at a separate station. Isolated from the gravity-Reiter-Straße she goes then accelerated at the turn of multi-track loop past the Olympic Park South Leonrodplatz, where she meets at right angles to the route of the lines 20 and 21 on the Dachau road. In the vicinity of the Red Square is where the connection is U1, it crosses with the Leonrodstraße southwest of Middle Ring. After a short distance north along the Nymphenburgerstraße it bends left into the Roman road to the final section of the line to place a novel. Monday to Friday from about 06:30 h and 20:00 h and Saturday from about 09:30 h to 16:30 the trains of the line 12 more than line 16, by Tor Sendlinger.
Template:Anchor München Tram 15
At the Max-Weber-Platz in the East Munich s starting (connection to the U4 and U5), the amplifier 15 drives the line 25 through the stone road to the south Rosenheimerplatz where the S-Bahn can be switched. Through the Franciscan Road in a southwesterly direction at Regerplatz it crosses over the line 27 on the Eastern Cemetery. Along the road Tegernseer the line then runs to the Horn Silver Street, where connection is to U2. To the southwest, she meets at Wettersteinplatz now on the U1. After about three kilometers in the center of the green woods road it changes on Theodolindenplatz Harlaching in the left side of town saw the Geiselgasteig road south. In the Menterschwaige the line ends at the Großhesseloher Bridge, the highest railway bridge in the Munich area.
Template:Anchor München Tram 16
As line 12 of Scheidplatz coming the Monday runs through Friday from about 6:30 clock and 22:20 clock (Friday to 0:20 clock) and Saturday from about 09:30 bis 0:20 clock clock circulating amplifier line of Route 17 over after a left turn in a southeasterly direction on the road at the Arnulf Steuben Place and mail center. After crossing under the central ring, the trains of 16 at the new development areaArnulfparkby the Hacker Bridge, where access to most S-Bahn lines and long distance bus routes in the [[Central Bus Terminal Munich | central bus station] ] exists. At the main station is then connected to the lines U1, U2, U4, U5, 19, 20, 21 and the S-Bahn. After the Charles Square (City Hall), where the line 18 to true, the line ends 16 in a return loop on the Sendlinger-Tor-Platz.
From 2012, after commissioning of the tram route to St. Emmeram to the line to be upgraded from a 16 amp line to a separate line, not only at peak times but throughout the day wrong. It will leave from the gate in the Sendlinger Linienweg today Tram 18 on the Max-Weber-Platz to the north and use them Effnerplatz the newly built stretch of Arabella Park to St. Emmeram. Cite error: Closing </ref> missing for <ref> tag.

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