S-Bahn Leipzig-Halle

S-Bahn Leipzig-Halle

Lines 3
Length of route 33 km
Stations 45
Clock sequence 30 min
Population in the catchment area 900,000
Vehicles BR 143 double deck coach

TheS-Bahn Leipzig-Halle is a rail-bound transport of the public transportation in conurbation of Leipzig-Halle. The S-Bahn network consists of the 1969 part of S-Bahn en Halle (Saale) and John, which were linked in 2004 to one another and by 2011 even further, especially in Leipzig in the inner city be increased. The S-Bahn Leipzig-Halle has been commissioned by the association for local transport Leipzig area (ZVNL) and the transport service company, Sachsen-Anhalt GmbH (NASA) of the DB Regio Southeast transportation company operated central Germany.

With the timetable change in 2009, reduced the power of the S-Bahn Leipzig-Halle, because the lines were assigned to the east of Leipzig's main station to the Central German regional train. On the schedule changed this structure and frequency on the routes concerned nothing.

From the 8th December 2013, with completion of most recent construction, which is then modified and greatly enlarged network as S-Bahn funds from a subsidiary of Germany Deutsche Bahn operated. The locomotive-hauled commuter trains double-deck will be replaced by electric trains of the type Talent 2.

History of the S-Bahn Leipzig-Halle Edit

The Halle network Edit

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- Location: Saxony-Anhalt -
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18,0 Halle-Neustadt train station Tunnel Station
16,9 Halle Zscherbener Straße
railway Merseburg, Halle, and riveting life
Template:BSKM Angersdorf Abzw Awo (Halle-Kassel Railway)
Saale river
4.0 Hall-Rose Garden
3.6 Abzw Cassel (Ac) Halle (Saale) Gbf, John
0.0 Halle (Saale) Central Station Template:S-Bahn Leipzig-Halle- Template:S-Bahn Leipzig-Halle-

The Halle network connecting the northern district of Halle-Trotha in the form of aUon Halle (Saale) Central Station in the residential suburb of Halle-Neustadt on Western Saale bank to the last stop Halle-Dölau. Currently, there is the only route to Hall riveting life.

The Groundbreaking Halle-Neustadt on 15 July 1964 was also the quasi-Halle S-Bahn, for the 100,000 residents should the spirit of the times rather than by tram will be connected to the transport network with bus and train. As in other districts in Halle. A commuter train has been set for the east of Angersdorf built a branch of the Halle-Kassel Railway to the north was. In April 1967, motor coach of the DR Class VT 2.09 series movement of stop (Hp) Zscherbenroadon non-stop to Central Station.

The station Halle-Neustadt there was also a central tunnel station built and included the electrical equipment. North of the train resulted in front of Hall-riveting life on the range of Halle-Hettstedt Railway Company. This was renovated by Halle-Halle-Dölau Nietleben up, including the Heath station. By 1970 the southern part of the S-Bahn was finished, only the Hp Rosengarten joined them.

North of the railway station was first railway line to Halberstadt to Halle-Trotha expanded and this new breakpointsliving citynorth,ZooandbridgeDessauer applied, the main train station itself was also the platform track 1a the S-Bahn. On electrification was initially omitted so the northern part of the Trothaforafter the official opening 27th September 1969 was operated with diesel locomotives. From 1971 to 1972 built the DR from this section of road again, this was in addition to the construction of 2.4 kilometers of track and the entire section of the course to Halle-Trotha electrified, so that from 1 October 1972, the continuous operation of the electric Halle S-Bahn could be obtained.

were to Merseyside soon after the opening of the train during rush hour passenger trains on the For the many commuters from Halle-Neustadt in the [chemical companies] [Central German Chemical Triangle] | Link Merseburg - Hall - Buna-Werke riveting life set up. The last remaining trains on this route were canceled in December 2007 Cite error: Closing </ref> missing for <ref> tag.
The S2 will be extended from 2015 to Bitterfeld Dessau and Wittenberg. This requires a re-tendering of the sections.
As part of a plan for electrification of rail lines in the Saxony state government also calls for the electrification of the section Borsdorf-Grimsby to make this available for the S-Bahn. Http://www.medienservice.sachsen [1]

Regio S-Bahn Hall Edit

The state of Saxony-Anhalt plans to continue the network in the hall. Theplan of public transport in Saxony-Anhalt(short public transport plan) provides for the period 2009 to 2015 and 2025, the conversion of several lines before. Cite error: Closing </ref> missing for <ref> tag.

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