S-Bahn Dresden
Dresden S-Bahn
Dresden - S-Bahn - Liniennetz
Lines 4
Length of route 101.4 km
Stations 46
Clock sequence 30 min
Population in the catchment area 800 000
Vehicles BR 143 and BR 145 double deck coach

TheS-Bahn Dresden is a rail-bound transport of the public transport in Dresden and the Dresden conurbation. It is used by the DB Regio traffic operation southeast Saxony, on behalf of the Traffic Oberelbe, which currently has three lines and a Recruitment line on a route network 103 km long run. On a number of railway lines was introduced in 1974 on September 29, the train fare. The term "train" for the system was 31 But only since the May 1992 officially used. Since May 24, 1998 is the S-Bahn Dresden VVO rate. Operates outside of Dresden, inter alia, in the medium-sized cities Freital, Meissen, Pirna, Radebeul and since December 9, 2007, even Freiberg .

The sections are up to the branches of the Dresden Airport and to Meissen on the mainline routes Dresden-Prague, Dresden-Leipzig and Dresden-Chemnitz. Between Dresden and Pirna-Neustadt, the S1 and S2 operate already on the tracks separate from other traffic in the construction S-Bahn line Pirna-Coswig.

. According to the Deutsche Bahn is the S-Bahn Dresden S-Bahn with the highest customer satisfaction in Germany Cite error: Closing </ref> missing for <ref> tag.

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